The founder of cryptocurrency in world Johann Silvio Gesell (17 March 1862 -11 March 1930) was a German merchant, theoretical economist, social activist and founder of FreiwirtschaftThe author of the theory "free access money". The author of works "The Natural Economic Order." "Money without interest and inflation."  Gesell concluded that the orderly velocity of money is an important condition for the crisis-free economy. Money should only serve as a medium of exchange, and not as a means of savings.  His economic views were based on the abolition of interest on loans and the nationalization of land. Gesell concluded that the uniform velocity of money is an important condition for the crisis-free economy. Money should only serve as a medium of exchange, and not as a means of savings.  He wrote that "natural economic order", which provides the circulation of money - this is the order in which the money is paid public services. You should be used "money with a negative percentage." Then the owners of the money are required to transmit regularly to the state a small percentage as a fee for the right to use public money.

      The first practical application of the views Gesell was an experiment in 1932 in the Austrian town of Wörgl with a population of 3,000 people. As a result of the experiment in the city bridge was built to improve the condition of roads, increased investment in public services. It was at this time when many European countries were forced to deal with rising unemployment, the unemployment rate in Worgl for the year decreased by 25%. More than 300 communities in Austria are interested in this model.

The most powerful system of free money now - the Swiss WIR (Wirtschaftsring-Genossenschaft, Co-op) 62 000 participants and provides an annual turnover of 1 billion 650 million Swiss francs. This system was established in 1934 as a mechanism to overcome the payment crisis. A logical extension of Gesell's ideas are different versions of "local exchange trading systems» (LETS), available today in the United States and Europe. (www.wikipedia.)





                                                       CRYPTOCURRENCY AROUND THE WORLD





We see a different cryptocurrencys and electronics money in the world.  Such money is easier to manage, no need pay taxes, they are calculated easily.  Cryptocurrencys is electronic money issuance is limited and real money different states print uncontrollably. The cryptocurrencys is produced automatically by computer programs (Mining).  Enother type cryptocurrencys is Tokens.   The Tokens is produced persons or companies.  Tokens often need to pay real money. Some companies the cost of tokens they give cover. Tokens also focus on growth, but the system is unstable. It is necessary to carefully examine each Token currency. What guarantees for the token. than token provided for them, that you can get when you return: stocks, gold, silver. There are the following cryptocurrencys and Tokens:  Bit Coin, One Coin,Lite Coin, Elite Coin and some others.





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              I have already created an absolutely new Bussiness High Sales Theory:  


             The  Collection Coins & "free access Certificates"      

                There is anticrysis cryptocurrency alternative Theory









                        We introducing the new real "free access Certificates" :  

                                  Shungite Coins  &  Certificate System.




                   The shungite Collection Coins and  "free access Certificates".






                   A unique Collection Coin system & Certificates:

         1. Shungite Coin is a real Collection Coin with a realistic starting price.

         2. Shungite Coin protected against forgery. It is difficult to steal.

         3. Shungite Coin is valuable unique content and a each unique number.

         4. Shungite Coin has a unique weight. She confirmed warranty certificate.

         5. If it missing the Coin protected Warranty Certificate.

         6. The Coin is covered of Shungite mineral. That raise the price to the Coin.






    Represented shungite Coin &  Certificates only crypto currency in the world at the moment has a warranty for 100%.  The Coins & Certificates covering is sent by post to the Customer on request.






                            The present  Certificates value for today is:


 1 Certificate      =  euro




                 The advantage of  "free access Certificate"   Coin is:


        1. The Shungite Coin system pays you really money.

         2. Shungite  Coins and Certificates have a growing cost.

        3. You can get the Shungite Coins on hands.

        4.  Shungite Coins and Certificates are very favorable for investment.

        5. The Shungite Coins and Certificates can be easily get a loan.

       6. The price of Shungite Coin and Certificate supported by many enterprises of system.

       7. The Certificates come to you periodically bringing real income.





                                                                 Sign up the Certificate System and start using now.





                                                       it's simple. it works.


         Participation in the Collection Coin System enables real income.

         Investing in Collection Coin System brings additional 20% of revenue a year.

         Active Partner Collection Coin System can receive independent financial and intellectual support. Proactive Customer - the opportunity for career growth and financial success.

        Organizations that have joined the Collection Coin System are able to revive its economy.

        Customers and Partners can take advantage of the system of "free access Certificate".





          The Certificates
          Better implementation of the main function - change tool
worldwide transactions
          Cryptographic protection
          It is not possible to freeze
          It does not depend on crises
          Do not depend on banks
          Accessed via the Internet
          Ideal for individuals and legal entities
          The interest-free loan for the Client of Brilliant Coin system
          Free opening accounts
          Payment and savings accounts
          0% of the transaction
          There are no restrictions on transactions
          0% for savings accounts
          100% covered with a lawful mineral
          Tested! Ease of calculations
          Ease of instant invoicing
          Sharing via Pay Pal, Yandex-Dengi, Web money
          Available worldwide
          Increases turnover in the region's economy in 20 - 30%
          Preparing the system of barter o&goods on the basis of Certificates





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